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little Santiago is running around some this morning although I think he finds it frustrating that his front left foot doesn't work like it is supposed to. I wonder if he jammed something into a nerve or something: when he stretches, that foot doesn't stretch all out like the others. maybe it just still hurts.

now he is sitting in my lap with his tail twitching madly like something is still annoying him. it may be a good idea to give him another dose of kitty opium for the day. will see how long it takes him to get comfortable.

so that's that. I nailed all the screens in place yesterday. now I have no excuses for not grading papers and trying to do some of my own work although I don't feel much smarter today than I did yesterday. sometimes you gotta play hurt.

it would really be nice to get paid. I'm not sure exactly how much money I will be making this month and I'm not sure if the measly $400 I got on the first was the prorated amount for my main job of the year and if so when I will get the $300 for my other job but in any case on the 8th I get a hefty amount for the summer job. I'd just like to pay the rent soon, that's all.

grade papers. give cat drugs. I need to think of a reward for today. I guess it can still be playing in photoshop but I'm starting to need something different.

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