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I'm a little depressed. Santiago seems a little depressed and he still won't use his little foot. I'm supposed to call the vet tomorrow for a follow up chat but I don't know that there will be much we can do about his foot other than wait, given that there are no broken bones. what do you do for a cat with a sprained foot? tell him to stay off it, I guess. well he's doing that fairly well on his own.

last night he curled up next to me all night long. every time I woke up there he would be with his head on my arm and Jackson all curled up next to him and it was very very cozy to the extent that getting out of bed this morning was devilishly hard. how can you get up when sleep's own envoys are snoozing all wrapped around you? makes me want to go to bed right now.

but so I know he is going to be ok but he is a little subdued which is pretty much the opposite of what he's ever been since I've known him and so I'm a little bummed out myself out of empathy or sympathy or simple contagion I don't know which.

Sandy is gone and I have a number of animals to feed but somehow she managed to adopt out all the foster rats so now we are back to just our pets: the two bunnies, the clan of four rats, and the twin sister rats. I will let them run around the house this weekend. I get so fatigued at night that I just don't have the energy to keep track of their little whereabouts and there whereabouts can be very little to the point that you have to crawl under the furniture to find them and restore them to their resting places.

so it's me and the animals and the rain and I think I do have to go to bed soon. it's one way to head off the egregious depression of nightfall.

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