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for dinner I just had a bottle of Reed's ginger ale, a cup of Brown Cow cream-top cherry vanilla yogurt, and a Cougar Mountain snickerdoodle.

I seem to be particularly susceptible to motion sickness these days and when I get off BART I am often too queasy to contemplate a burrito with all its grease and cheese and onions so instead today I had the above and it feels pretty nice. if I get hungry again before bedtime--a mere 2-1/2 hours away!--I will have a bowl of cereal. in the meantime I have a liter of fizzy water and I am becoming addicted to fizzy water such that I have to have a liter every night or I'm just not happy. plain water doesn't do the trick but this is also partially due to the motion sickness as fizz is very good for that whereas plain water really doesn't help.

I've discovered where you can download books in iPodable format for a fee, and whose help pages are so badly organized that I can't figure out really how it works or if it is a good deal but with the introductory offer I was at least able to download a couple of books for less than they would have cost new.

see I figured this time on BART which up till now has been a complete waste because I can't read for the motion sickness could be utilized in listening to books and immediately I thought surely someone has mp3 downloads for books and was the first one I came to where the recordings are of actual people reading the books rather than computers "reading" them so I decided to check them out.

they don't actually have mp3s but their own format but I think there is a future in mp3s and if I were any sort of entrepreneur I would get the resources and people together to make books on mp3 widely available but I have this dissertation to write so.

but so right now I am listening to Erskine Caldwell's Tobacco Road which I had never read before and it's right engaging down to the georgia redneck accents the narrator reads the dialog in. it's so infectious that I am having a hard time not slipping into a full-fledged drawl in conversation and while teaching and while meeting with Judith this afternoon which went fine.

Judith pretty much ordered me to take a nonconventional approach to my dissertation after I told her I was already trying to make it somewhat autobiographical and she thinks that I should go all out and do it in such a way that it comes out like poetry so that it does not cause me so much pain in the writing part of it. I told her that so far it has given me an angle that I did not have before and that makes it more of an obsessional object and less of an onerous and stuffy chore and she thinks that's great.

she is going to tell the department that if I have 100 pages by december that they must back off and let me finish without further hassle. given that I have almost 30 pages of one chapter and about 20 of another already I think that is quite generous. you might remember that in my email I did tell her about the difficulties of writing with little fascists in your head and she's interestingly empathetic to mental disturbances although I don't think she herself experiences any writing-related anxieties whatsoever. she also pointed out to me that people do graduate on 150-page dissertations and I said well we'll see how long it takes before I think I've finished something worth turning in as one. I think I'm looking at at least 200 pages right now but because this project has a number of articulations left I could probably cut another one off and still have what looked like a full gesture.

so as always I am optimistic after meeting with her and want to do more work which is perfectly timed for the weekend. I don't have papers coming in until sunday at noon so I have one full day if I take a day off and two full days if not. tomorrow I'd like to go play. I'm not sure what play will consist of but I'll think of something I'm fairly sure.

I'd kind of like to go to bed now. times like this I wish my bed were on the floor and I could just lie down with a book or my laptop and make an evening of it until I decided to fall asleep. as is going to bed is kind of a production and not really worth the effort until you are going to stay up there awhile. also because the head of the futon is not against the wall--I left about a foot of plywood sticking past the head to use for holding those things one ordinarily puts on a nightstand like water and alarm clocks and kleenex--I can't sit up to read really. I do miss that about a bed on the floor. but there is not enough floor down here to hold a bed so until I inherit one more room I'm kind of stuck.

I could I suppose put the head of the futon up against the wall and put all of my incidentals at the foot. in fact if I did so I would be much more likely to get up within 15 minutes of the first snooze alarm. but then where would the light go? and how would I keep the cats from methodically throwing all those important things onto the floor--their cat tree stairwell deposits them at the foot of the bed.

Santiago will occasionally put weight on his foot but it still isn't working right but he does use it to bat at things so I think it is getting better. this makes us both a little happier.

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