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Santiago is using all four feet!

I can't seem to get myself to go back to working after only one day off. therefore I am blowing off today as well. there will be consequences but not dire ones.

the weather is gorgeous. I can't think of a thing to do outside.

payday was thursday so the rent is finally paid. I got more than I expected but now I wonder if that means that's all. I was supposed to have two paydays during this six-week term. if that is all then I'm missing about $400 for work from the end of spring semester. if there turns out to be a second payday then I will be making a bit more than they had said. will see what happens. you never know what the bureaucracy will do.

I now have four rings. they were inexpensive but I like them. one is isreali and has roman glass in it. it is kind of fey. the others are very manly rings. I wear them all at once and feel like some gen-x liberace.

the cats are as fascinated by mourning doves as I am.

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