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I am dressed to the shoes.

Karen whom I am teaching with has turned us all on to where a(n unfortunately christian) woman exhorts us in ways to get all of our work done. although she is mostly targeting her appeal towards housewives or women who must both work and keep up a house (what is the matter with men? I thought women didn't have to do this anymore or at least the married ones should have some help I would think), Karen says that much of what she says is easily transferable to academic work, especially since the same temptations--leave your pajamas on, don't wash your cereal bowl when you are through with it--plague those of us who work at home as plague those of us whose work is home.

one of the fly lady's exhortations is to get dressed to the shoes every day. I've done this for years. I cannot begin work of any kind until I am dressed. sometimes I have to shower too but not every day. and I don't consider myself dressed until my shoes are on. I don't walk around the house without shoes except in very hot weather when I will exchange my shoes and socks for sandals. thus I wear shoes all day no matter where I am.

she also wants us to polish our sinks but I'm going to be happy if I can get myself to wash that cereal bowl soon after I've finished breakfast. the one problem with washing it right away is that if I leave the bowl down for the cats to finish the last of the milk (I don't know what the fly lady has to say about this habit but I'm not going to change it. think of the cats!) then the cereal itself dries on the bowl before I get to take it to the kitchen and then it is hard to scrub away but if you soak it it comes right off so I soak it "for a minute" which usually stretches to about 48 hours depending on how many of the bowls are still clean the next morning at breakfast time.

thus. I must go wash my dishes. there are two now: yesterday's bowl still soaking and today's.

can you tell I'm putting off grading papers. it's not such a bad chore but I'm really burning out on this teaching a mile a minute. I'm ready for a week off but once this is over--and it is half over already--I must write like the devil himself is on my tail. I've told myself that if I graduate next May I can get myself a ring. I will look at the "class rings" for sale at school but if nothing there appeals I will go find myself something fancy with a sapphire or a garnet or both. that and a tattoo and maybe a summer trip to alaska will be my doctoral presents to myself. I'm not sure how I will pay for all this but maybe next year will be slightly more lucrative than this year was.

maybe my family will come through with some congratulatory cash.

yeah and hell will be freezing over the following afternoon.

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