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after a long day at school what cools you off better than an lj meme?

A - Age: it's getting to the point that it doesn't really matter so much as long as I wake up the next day. but I'm 43 right now.
B - Best Quality: someone else will have to answer this. my favorite thing about me is that I find nothing shocking. well. most nothing.
C - Choice of Meat: that one day a month I eat meat it is almost always pork sausage of one variety or another.
D - Dream Date: I go on a twenty mile hike in the rain forest alone and don't get eaten by a cougar. I know that's my dream death but I'm not quite ready to die yet.

oh. dates with other people? yeah. I dunno.

E - Ex (most recent): does it matter?
F - Favorite Food: I can't imagine why I would need to answer this
G - Greatest Accomplishment: not killing myself
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: is yet to come
I - Internal Conflicts: yup.
J - Jail Time: only my fear of living on the streets when I am 80 is greater than my fear of going to jail.
K - Kool-Aid: they always gave us fruit punch flavored kool-aid at vacation bible school. wtf? kids hate "fruit punch"! give me some damn strawberry! wouldn't it have been funny if one of us had actually said this.
L - Love: is not limited to "significant others"
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: the two things I would throw myself under a bus for are my les paul and this powerbook.
N - Never have/been: to a funeral. memorial services yes. never a funeral.
O - Outfit You Love: I love all my outfits! I love the very idea of outfit! I would wear an outfit to bed if belt buckles weren't so uncomfortable to sleep on!
P - Pizza Toppings: spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese.
Q - Question You Want To Ask: what the hell is wrong with the people in this country??
R - Road Trip: seattle-spokane-missoula-gardiner-rock springs-moab-salt lake city-ontario-bend-newport-seattle
S - Sport To Watch: baseball. can't play it though--afraid of the ball.
T - Television Show: South Park DVDs
U - Unique Habit: going to bed at 7:30 even though I'm not 90 years old yet.
V - Voice: may one day be stable at higher notes but until then it's sisters of mercy and johnny cash covers for me
W - Winter: I would like to experience a real winter just once
X - X-Rayed: entire body from the knees up. it felt embarrassing to see it on-screen in front of doctors and nurses and parents. I mean you could tell where my underwear pinched in my waist and although I didn't know how to look for this then I'm sure they could all tell how long it had been since I had last visited the restroom. how do they diagnose scoliosis now?
Y - If You'd Been Born The Opposite: the opposite what. I suppose I could have been born an extrovert. then things would have turned out very very different.
Z - Zodiac Sign: this is a boring question. can't we think of something else? favorite zoo would be better. anything.

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