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the night before last I went to bed at 7:45. I did not fall asleep until close to 9 but this sort of thing happens no matter when I go to bed. if I go to bed at midnight, my mind futzes around flirting with sleep for an hour or more before fully succumbing. during that time I often get thirsty or have to go to the bathroom or find the neighbors are making enough noise to make earplugs necessary. no matter how hard I work to get everything just right from the first it takes that long for things to fall into place so that I can fall asleep.

yesterday I got up at about 7:30 in the morning. I had slept then for a good 10-1/2 hours. by 5pm last night I was sleepy but I had an appointment at 7pm (past my bedtime!) so I sat in the livingroom chair and napped a bit, snoring on occasion and waking myself up then. last night I went to bed about 9:30, fell asleep relatively quickly and got up at 8 this morning although I had wanted to get up at 7. right now I am tired enough that if I went to be now I bet I'd be asleep by 7:30. should I try this? when does my early bedtime leave the realm of eccentric and enter that of the bizarre and/or ridiculous? if I were asleep by 7:30 I bet I could get up at 5 if I really really tried. I'm not so certain why I want to do this but something about 5 sounds like an exotic getting-up time. oh I've stayed up till 5 many times and that is no longer exotic unless I have lots of beer or drugs in me.

maybe I'm just studying to be an ascetic. can ascetics keep their computers and guitars? oh and their outfits. maybe I will be a monk of fashion.

what do you suppose will happen if I continue this trend. will I just keep going to bed earlier and earlier? this is sort of the opposite of that 25-hour circadian day we humans supposedly are set to. I've done that gig before too but it pretty much ends once you have stayed awake until dawn and then you reset the apparatus back to nighttime sleeping and start the march forward all over again.

at what point will this one have to be reset I wonder. 3pm? I think it might be impossible for diurnal creatures to go to bed before 3. I could do an experiment I suppose.

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