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12 hours in bed.

I guess if I want to get up at 5 I'm just going to have to go to bed at 5. I'm not sure that even I can do that. yeah I could go to bed at my normal time (what would that be??) and set my alarm but with my snooze hitting skills that only works if I know there is someplace I have to be almost immediately upon waking. otherwise I think oh five more minutes won't hurt and then the cycle begins.

I don't really have anything exciting to do this morning. I could catch up on class reading I guess and then I could do some of my own work before I leave for school at 10. or I could leave for school soon and sit there and do work but why leave the cats before you have to?

there is the shower thing. I should shower this morning. the question there becomes do I go do it quick before housemate awakens needing bathroom or do I wait till she's up and in there and out of there.

in any case it is going to be a real coffee festival today since it got started relatively early. I don't really stop drinking coffee these days until about 3pm and I still can go to bed three hours later thank you to various psychoactive pharmaceuticals so I will have to have several cups today. how is coffee bad for you exactly? I mean if you don't have anxiety attacks on it and you don't lose sleep because of it. grandma once said to me I worry about how much coffee you girls drink and I thought oh grandma you don't know the half of it.

but why do people worry about coffee? is it just because they like to worry? grandma loves to worry. or that is she hates to worry but she can't seem to stop. we are a little alike insofar as we both can get latched compulsively to some disturbing idea and insofar as the little loose ends that come from simply living can cause both of us anxiety in their loose-endedness.

I don't know if she has the dirty dish compulsion like I do. I don't do my dishes that often and my room is generally a mess but I cannot stand to have dirty dishes in my room and I am never quite happy in the mornings until my cereal dish is out of here and in the sink. doesn't have to be washed. just in the sink. I also can't rest in the evenings after my burrito is finished unless I take the little paper bag it comes in and throw it away. I can't let it just sit there after I am done. once my burrito bag is in the trash and my dishes are in the sink I can stop worrying.

I wonder what I'm going to wear. it is chilly this morning but looks like the fog will clear up so it could get hot.

what difference does it make. I sweat like a horse if it's over 40F.

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