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retirement age

I think I'm going to crawl up to bed and read some peanuts before dropping off. I'd still like to get up at 5 someday but if it means going to sleep at 5 it might just never happen.

tomorrow when I get up I think I'll do a little dissertation work and then take the afternoon off. there will be no papers coming in to grade this weekend so I'm not sure how I'm going to act but one thing I might do is go meditate at the zen center. I think I need to go back to their orientation session as it has been some time since I was last oriented and I wouldn't want to do anything wrong. but then maybe next saturday I could actually go and sit.

I should practice a bit here at home though. I still don't know if I can sit cross-legged for forty minutes but I don't really know if on my knees would be any better. I don't have a big cushion here to test the on-the-knees position. perhaps I should get one. I wonder if bed bath and beyond would have something reasonably priced as opposed to an "authentic" meditation cushion which I'm sure costs plenty as it is after all the idle rich who have the time to mess with this stuff.

but maybe not. maybe I should check out the book store at the zen center. maybe they only charge a nominal price.

either way. time to set up the coffee maker.

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