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I've been up for two hours and am waiting for lisagail to get to work so we can chat and then it is time to do some work I suppose.

it would probably help some to know just what it was I wanted to say about pragmatism since it is that part of the chapter now and time to tell that story. I don't know how I should frame my concern for that which is out of reach of language but in any case pragmatism gave me something to chew on for awhile called "experience" and it was a fun thing to stand up for for as long as I believed in it. I suppose I can just say that and then explain what experience is or was. from there I could go off on Agamben's little-known "Infancy and History: An Essay on the Destruction of Experience" as an explanatory text for how I began to question the possibility of experience without language and began to suspect that language of a kind extended further down the food chain than humans.

I could even copy and paste that I suppose given Judith's order to be unconventional but I think I need to be a little less artless in my unconventionality. thus I could copy the above and reframe it in terms of the experience of writing it, or in terms of the language in which it is written.

well who knows. I need more coffee. I know that much. I slept 12 hours again last night and am a bit sleepy yet.

finished Tobacco Road yesterday on BART and started a collection of D.T. Suzuki's thoughts on "Zen and the Love of Nature." interesting that I started it while standing in the rain waiting for the san francisco train. I wasn't really loving nature right then if only because I am somewhat doubtful about my briefcase's waterproofness. when I got home the top of my computer sleeve was slightly damp and I found this alarming. will take a plastic bag along as a raincoat for it from now on.

Tobacco Road makes me want to drawl all the time. the narrator did a great georgia redneck accent when reading the dialog and it always makes me feel a little nostalgic to hear people drawl. there is no good reason for that. I didn't like georgia and don't miss it really but I guess there's always something about things that remind you of childhood. in any case the book was wickedly funny and sad and made me wonder what Erskine Caldwell's relationship with the south was like.

I want to do a review of it for because the one review there is someone whining about how depressing it is and how it represents the most depraved human behavior and I want to say oh grow some balls and a sense of humor.

but this person reviewing it is from Wales and I suspect if you have no acquaintance with the American South the humor might escape you.

anyway. lisa's on. time to goof off some more.

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