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I writ five paragraphs! go me.

I feel a bit fatigued which I guess is acceptable. I check my shot schedule and see that I am due in three days which might explain the fatigue. I've been going through the testosterone lately or at least I seem to only get 10 or 11 good days out of a shot. if I gave myself one now that might give me a boost for this fine weekend in which I have none but my own work to do.

I bit later I have reserved a car for window screen shopping and am wondering if I should go to home despot or the local hardware store where I know the screens aren't wide enough for our biggest windows. I have no idea if anyone anywhere makes 50" screens but those are what we need. if I were feeling really ambitious I guess I could buy some lumber and screen and a staple gun and make my own but that sounds like it would take too much measuring and cutting and fitting and cursing. I think it would be easier to buy an extra piece of wood to screw onto the screen frame at the end to extend its length.

I keep thinking there must be some other home improvement project in the offing too. I bought some small metal shelf components for under the loft in the one space where I haven't put anything yet so I can put those up today but I keep thinking there must be something else as well. what could I get? where could I hang it? considering how much I managed to cram into my tiny old room I should be able to get much much more stuff in here. not that I need stuff but you never have enough places to put stuff and it is really about building places that this wish wishes.

I seem to want to nap. shot time. nothing like a little pain to wake you up!

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