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3 pages and it is not yet noon. not bad! at this rate I will have 200 pages by the end of summer although the weekly pace is quite a bit slower than that. heh. wouldn't it be great if instead of registering I could graduate. no they'd want a semester on filing fee first. you gotta pay to finish.

writing isn't as painful as I was afraid it might be but it is not completely pain free either. but it seems that if I just sit down and write the story I have plenty to say and a number of ways in which to say it so that is good. I still don't really know how to balance quoted material with "original" ideas--how much close reading am I supposed to do as opposed to theorizing on my own out of thin air? I'm not sure so I'm talking about this author and that author and then saying flowery, suggestive things about them. I haven't really gotten to those places where I disagree with Levinas and Agamben yet (I never disagree with Deleuze but then I don't always understand him either) so for the most part I'm just saying "and this guy seems to get it right and so does this guy over here" but soon I will have to make some things up. that will be fun.

but so now what. I could read but I feel like going looking for something but there is not anything in particular that I want right now. I wonder where there might be a good flea market. I'm in the mood to look at random objects. I guess that might indicate a camera day. I've got a couple thousand images on my hard drive that I haven't sorted or keyed or posted anywhere though. it seems I should do something with them before taking more but that isn't nearly as much fun.

I feel like looking at watches and earrings. what would they do if I took my camera into a jewelry store to take pictures? I hate having to ask for permission to take photos. only because it involves talking to strangers.

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