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today I'm taking a real day off and doing no work whatsoever. I stayed up till 9 and slept till 9 so I should have plenty of energy to do other things. the question is what.

I could sit here and play with photoshop all day or I could try to learn how to really fuck my windows machine up by messing around in the registry or I could learn apple script although apparently knowing it is superfluous in Tiger which I have the dvd for but was going to wait to install it until I had finally installed that new hard drive and I'm waiting to do that till after summer session is over and I don't have to rely on my laptop working every single day in case something goes wrong.

I could play guitar which I haven't done in so long it's going to take all of five minutes to make my fingers sore. I could take my camera out and add to the backlog of images on my hard drive. I could go through the images I have and rate them and keyword them and stuff and pull out my absolute favorites for editing and resizing in photoshop.

I could learn about Microsoft Office, Apple Pages and Keynote, Dreamweaver or FileMaker Pro.

these are all things I've started and am in the middle of thanks to my slow-cycling adult-acquired ADD. I'm somewhat amazed that I actually finished that Windows XP book. the thing is I still don't feel like I know anything because knowing which wizard to consult for a task just doesn't seem like real computer knowledge to me. I'd learn more about the command line in windows but is that necessary or useful like it is in OS X?

I must shower before doing anything as it has gotten to that point. before showering I must drink a bunch of coffee so I won't mind the shower so much. I still hate showering and I still think it's because I hate standing around naked for that long. it's not even so much that there are still parts of it I'd like to see in a different shape but I just don't like being exposed even to the four walls of the bathroom.

I don't seem to mind being exposed to Santiago, interestingly enough. he likes to watch me shower and that doesn't bother me a bit. I guess I trust the little guy. usually the miracle is that they trust us, but sometimes it works the other way too.

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