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buyer's timidity

I went over to the bead store on valencia and looked at way too many beads to be able to visualize them as strung together and I got intimidated by the sheer plethora of kinds of string and wire and fittings and left without getting anything. there were a number of women at the table towards the back and they all looked like they knew what they were doing with their beading trays and craft pliers and everything all planned out neatly. I just want to sit with my feet up and a cup of beads on my chest and a string and a ruler so I know when to stop. this would be for a couple of chokers' worth of work and not a new hobby. but so I guess I need to do a little research to see what sort of supplies I need besides the beads themselves. for some reason I thought it would be self-evident once I got there but short of asking someone (horrors!) there was no way to knowledgeably choose.

they had these really cool little skull beads. I know everyone had skull beads but these were particularly nice, small and white with a pearlescent glaze and light green wash in the crevices. if I had kept my composure maybe I would have planned a choker around one.

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