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morning trauma

the milk is bad.

it is clearly dated june 24 and I only opened it two days ago but gross lumpy curds greeted my cereal this morning when I tipped the carton to the bowl.

energy bars for breakfast.

this sort of thing throws my morning all out of whack.

I think I have to go to school now.

did I mention it got cold overnight? I had my outfit for today all planned around the warm sunshine we've had for the last couple days. so now I will waste time coming up with something else. I don't know if I have succeeded in wearing something different every day because I've lost track of what I wore in May. I do know of a couple of shirts I definitely haven't worn yet and one is corduroy which might be appropriate for today but I'd better check the weather underground to make sure it isn't going to clear up and get hot.

morning isn't working out right at all today.

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