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both penny and pound foolish

tonight is the deadline for consolidating student loans under the old low-interest plan before the rate goes up tomorrow. do I care? according to the application, if you pay back your loans on the income-contingent plan, whatever is unpaid after 25 years is forgiven, but you are taxed on it. considering my slightly-advanced-for-my-age age I'm not absolutely sure I will survive another 25 years and even if I do it's not as though there will be any more blood in this turnip for the IRS to get then than there is now.

of course by then we will probably have debtor's prison again but if I see that coming I'm off to Europe in which case paying the US government back could be an even more fun game.

but see I started the application and looked at my info online and I have 15 loans but not one of them has a lender or servicer listed for it and I need this information some of which might be in the closet in the old expanding file but how important is it that I go look, for one, and for two I know I won't have the info for every single loan but maybe they are all the same?

I guess maybe it's important to at least look. for once I suppose I should do something with an eye to the future, especially now that I have less future left than ever before.

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