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13-1/2 hours of sleep and I'm thinking of bumping up the t-shot again. it just doesn't seem to last those last couple of days. I've got grading to do I suppose although I want to take the day off. but K wants to have the grades in by Monday and since I'm in charge of the spreadsheet and most of the grading I actually have more work to do than she does. if I took today off I would have to get all the papers graded, all of the peer editing reports graded, all the homework checked off, and all of the spreadsheet formulas done in two days. I'm thinking maybe I should grade some of the peer editing reports this morning and then play this afternoon.

I'd have liked to have gotten started a little earlier but having two cats curled up next to me all morning made it very difficult to keep my eyes open long enough to get up. now that I am up I don't want to do anything. but one must do something so I suppose I should get dressed and think about what that is going to be.

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