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day. oh.

I sat down to grade a few peer editing reports (wherein they critique each other's drafts) and I ended up doing all of them. I did about a third of them and thought oh that didn't take long let's do another third and so I did and then I thought well it would be a shame to stop now so I did what was left. now I just received two more--which were missing at first so I had to email the student--and I am fighting the urge to grade them just to be complete.

although I suppose if I have actual urges to grade I should perhaps give in. but it is close to bedtime and I should do something enjoyable. sometimes I wish I had a little tv hanging from the ceiling at the foot of my bed. other times I wish I had a little chest of drawers up there so I could store more necessities there where I need them. also I've thought of building a shelf so I could take my laptop up and then put it someplace relatively safe for the night. I spend fully half my life up there so I need a slightly more elaborate bedstead than the rest of you.

the construction never ends. this room is so big it will take 25 years to turn it into a Schwitters house.

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