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yesterday turned out to be a shy day which is not the best mood to be in when distributing flyers. one bookstore owner had to hear all about the event before he'd let me put flyers out which was painless or would have been for a normal person but made me feel like shooting myself. other places had tons of stuff out so I just snuck mine in with what was already there.

I have no idea if this sort of thing even works. I remember the laborious posting we would do for some shows and the non-posting we wouldn't do for other shows and it seems like the same thirty people showed up whether we postered or not. but still I remember RuPaul standing on the streetcorner in midtown Atlanta passing out xeroxed photos of himself and think that self-promotion has to pay off eventually. I am so bad at it but no one has stepped up offering to do it for me.

five papers to grade today and then I have to get the spreadsheet all straightened out which shouldn't be too hard but I'm using filemaker pro which I know only rudimentarily but I don't know excel much better so what's the difference.

I've been awake since a quarter to five and up since 6. I would have gotten up earlier but just as I woke up the cats decided to come to bed and it is so so hard to get out of bed with two snoozing cats resting their little chins on your arm. and Santiago lovingly sticks his paws in my face which is much more charming than it sounds. I would close my eyes and try to get into the spirit of things with them but nothing would happen. soon it became clear to me that if I ever did manage to get back to sleep I would sink into that deep drugged slumber of morning in which you dream over and over again that you want to wake up and have woken up only to discover that you are still asleep and this goes on for hours. it is my least favorite part of sleeping so when I wake up early I'd rather just get up.

thus I think that in the next hour I will get dressed and start working. I don't know if I will be able to finish all the grading today but if not today then tomorrow. I should make Karen do the spreadsheet part but she doesn't know how so I offered. silly me. I should ask for extra $.

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