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moments after i saw a tiny poster for it on campus i ran upstairs to the mac lab to buy a ticket for the echo and the bunnymen/psychedelic furs show at the fillmore next wednesday night. i can't decide whether to be excited to have the opportunity to once again touch richard butler or embarrassed that i am just an old geezer vainly attempting to recapture his lost youth by going to a rock and roll show put on by other old geezers attempting to recapture their lost youth. of course one could argue that i never really lost my youth given that it is only lately that i have felt just barely grown up but on the other hand i know that halfway through the headliners' set my back will start hurting so badly that i will wish it over soon and that never happened when i was 20.

i will try to have a good time and not feel too pathetic but if ian mcculloch has a gut i'm not sure i will be able to bear it.

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