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home stretch

the papers are graded.
the absences are not yet tallied.
the homework is not yet checked off.

I could make myself crazy by plowing on through but I think I will stop until tomorrow. I've been up since 5 fer crissakes! I feel I could go to bed in an hour. but I won't.

I think I will go look for a pinkie ring--I tried to order one but when it came it was ring-finger-sized. sometimes my fingers are even smaller than you'd think.

that and a hat. I want a hat that goes specifically with what I'm wearing now and any other blue/brown combination. black won't do in these cases.

maybe a hat would be too much. but it's windy out there! which means a hat would blow off my head. perhaps no hat then but just a ring.

go to haight and look for ring.
come back up valencia and check out hats.

do you spose there are any sales going on today? should I test my macy's card limit? they don't ever say what it is. I wonder if there is one.

here you see my plans for an inconsequential afternoon. the best kind.

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