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soundproof booth

the question right now is if I go to bed at the usual time will the fireworks wake me up. they are relatively far away so earplugs might not be needed which is good because Sandy is out and there is no one else to listen for miscellaneous disasters once I go to bed. I suppose even if they did wake me up I shouldn't fret given that there is no particular reason that I need uninterrupted sleep tonight which I never get anyway. so if they wake me up I'll be up for awhile and sleep in till 8.

the story about what happened to someone else's cat who got loose accidentally has made me all the more anxious about santiago's habit of leaving. like I should build him a little bunker and never let him out of it. jackson could use one too but I don't seem to have to persuade him to stay inside.

oh the stress of having these completely vulnerable little guys for friends.

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