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london just makes me sad. the world as a whole, when it is not making me mad, makes me sad. I'm sure the administration will jump all over this as evidence that we must keep fighting in Iraq under the guise of some "continued war on terror," completely missing the point that the war in Iraq is Not Helping.

I mean it would be nice, wouldn't it, if all the terrorists said meet us on such and such battlefield and we'll duke it out and whoever wins gets to say what goes, but that isn't what's happening there. instead it seems we are offering free training for new recruits at the expense of the Iraqi people. I'd be interested to know the extent to which we are breeding new terrorists there and whether the individual recruits stay in Iraq or go elsewhere to cause different types of trouble.

but of course we will simply decide to punish whomever we can find in Iraq because fine distinctions are not our strong suit.

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