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summoning the geek gods

today I might actually get to replace my hard drive. spent yesterday moving things around on the old desktop to make room for some laptop backups and then I did the backups themselves which took some more time and now I think all I need to do is go print out some replace-your-hard drive instructions (I've done it before but each machine is peculiar in what it needs in terms of screws and little rubber sleeves and whatnot) and go to work.

I am a little frightened as one always should be doing stuff like this but I bought a firewire enclosure for the old hard drive and with luck I will be able to assemble that correctly as well so I'll have it right there and bootable if necessary and then I'll have the backups on the desktop but what happens if I do everything wrong and not a thing works when I am done?

must wait until santiago has had his morning run. fur and claws aren't the sorts of things one should install into the insides of their computers.

I know this is about as boring as it gets but I'm all excited.

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