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things are going remarkably smoothly so far.

::bangs head on windoze box for good luck::

the new hard drive is in the laptop, the old hard drive is in the firewire enclosure, Tiger has been installed and we are now waiting as all my old data is transferred from old hard drive to new, which oddly seems to be happening without a hitch.

it's not that I have no confidence in my hardware wrangling skills, but I always expect things not to work especially for me just because the world is set up that way.

soon I get to decide which apps to install and which to leave off because either I've never used them or I have switched to something else. I know that the anticipation of doing this will far outweigh any delight in the actual process as I get to click "continue" over and over again and search my email for all my shareware codes (I'm a goody two-shoes who pays for his shareware. most of it anyway. I figure independent programmers do it for the love and deserve a little cash for their efforts) and my download folder for all the .sit's and .zip's and .tar's for the installers themselves. I think I'm finally going to stop using PandoCalendar which although it is a really nice little calendar program and is free, it's price is that it pops up bible verses on about every 5th startup. I've started using iCal as my life has gotten more complicated so I rarely look at my desktop calendar anymore. I suspect also that Tiger's widget calendar will do fine for quick checks of what day it is.

what I really wish is that someone would write a Sunclock for OS X. well, there is one that I know of but it takes up your whole desktop while I want one that is about 200 pixels high. there used to be one for old Macs and I've still got a copy of that but it doesn't work on X.

but so soon I will be able to read all the mac articles about Tiger and not feel like I have been left behind.

because god knows I've spent my whole life scared to death that I might be Left Behind.

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