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coffee table chat pt II

the other thing we lefties need is a tv network. a cable channel with as much money behind it as FOX news, and the balls to be every bit as loud and obnoxious. can't there be such a thing as leftist blowhards? can't we dial up our rhetoric to be as inflammatory as anyone else's?

I suppose that's what Ward Churchill did, but suppose he had the weight of organized money behind him. there seems no reason to me why the left couldn't raise enough money to start a network that was well-heeled right out of the gate, with glitz and noise and bad reality programming. we pulled together the dough for the most well-funded campaign in history, so what exactly is stopping us from taking over the media the way the right has? why should we rely on NPR and PBS, which are so blandly centrist and inoffensive anyway that no one takes them seriously as a political force?

I have no idea where to start with something like this. I suppose a general call to those lefties in the media industries who might have some insight into the organizational necessities of such a venture might be a good idea. perhaps I should start looking those up.

I mean isn't this a good idea? I think it's a damn fine idea.

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