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coffee table chat pt III - caution: contains much paranoia

finally, let me just say something about the nutcakes in charge. I pointed this out in fu_le_bear's journal yesterday, but it needs to be more widely known.

if I am right about the level of their religious zeal, then the leaders of our country are out to destroy civilization. now this might sound paranoid and raving, and perhaps it is and perhaps all I ever really argue with are my inner demons, but the fact is that fundamentalist christians, for the most part, are obsessed with the visions chronicled in the book of Revelation and believe them to be prophecies for things that are happening right now, and if you've ever taken a look at any of their interpretive literature, you'll know that they believe that Revelations predicts, mainly, the end of the world.

every age thinks it is the last of course, but these people are dangerous. they believe, for instance, that environmental catastrophe is a sign of the imminent return of Christ, and if you are concerned about global warming--whether or not it turns out to be catastrophic--think for a moment about the fact that one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gasses is led by a crew of born agains who believe they are god's agents in his plans for the end of the world. think for a moment about the possibility that this administration actually includes people who believe that by ignoring global warming, they may be working according to divine plan.

I mean let's not even talk about the Middle East. anyone who has spent any time in christian society knows that that is where Armageddon is to take place, and if you think that the fundies truly want peace in the middle east, think again: Armageddon is truly to be the war to end all wars, and, depending on your interpretation of scripture, may be the war to end the world. not only oil money keeps GWB's attention turned to the Middle East, and there is more than one reason for him to want to be involved in never-ending warfare there. wouldn't he receive a big crown in heaven if he were the one who started Armageddon? (of course if you interpret scripture a certain other way, then actually he turns out to be the antichrist, which should surprise no one.)

seriously. I don't know if they've thought it out to this extent, but if they think the world is to end in fire and that they are the ones who have been sent to start the blaze, we could be up shit creek. nuclear missiles in N Korea? just another fiery agent.

what I hope is that the rest of the world is stable enough to counteract this madness. I don't know if it is too optimistic to think that a united Europe, for instance, could stand as friendly opposition to religious insanity. it doesn't help that Europe itself is somewhat divided in their attitudes towards the US, but "old" Europe at least might turn out to be the wiser older sibling of the Western world. knowing little about politics and economics, I don't know what it would take for them to gain enough power to be able to do more than talk, but whatever makes Europe stronger, I'm all for. perhaps I should go over and lend a hand--surely they need another lefty poet!

really though I might have to move there one day in the near future. as I also pointed out somewhere else, we think we only have three more years to put up with Mr Bush, but surely Karl Rove has already thought about the next step in keeping his party in power, and is willing to go to any lengths to do so.

I still haven't gotten my passport. this is something I should do very soon.

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