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life and times

well so anyway. I just had to get some things off my chest. I wish I had a blog with millions of readers but I don't and I don't think I ever could attract that many readers but maybe a good idea will propagate itself from ear to ear and something will come of all our discontent.

my really burning question of the day is whether to shower before I put on clothes or later this afternoon or evening when I get tired (ha) of computing. you all know how I feel about showers, and showering when I could be geeking instead just isn't attractive to me. as far as I can tell I smell ok, and I have the house to myself this weekend as sandy has gone off on a microbrewery road trip (which she invited me on but I declined, wanting to catch up on things here today and tomorrow), so how I smell to other people is not really an issue, so all that is left is something like either self-respect or that american mania for cleanliness that would have me believe that a daily shower is about self-respect and not pathological obsession.

either way I must put on clothes before doing much else. that's my compulsion. pajamas are for sleeping and drinking coffee in. of course I drink coffee all day, so that's not quite accurate. but you get the idea.

so far my computer still works. yay! (dear computer gods: please don't take this as a sign that you should send trouble my way to keep me from complacency. didn't you see me shaking yesterday as I removed my hard drive?)

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