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this morning I had to rescue The String from their water dish, where Santiago has taken up the habit of storing it. I had another little cat who would put his sock toy in the water whenever he could; in fact, Mikhail would grab it and race for his water dish before I could catch him. it's not that I minded if it got wet, but the sock would soak up all the water leaving both him and Claude, our other cat, high and dry.

The String anyway is an old broken shoe string that Santiago carries around and that all three of us, Jackson included, play with in the mornings during romp time. lately I had noticed it's being damp and this morning I went in the kitchen to find it all coiled up in the water. at least it is not massive enough to soak all the water up. but it did make the water a bit cloudy, so I freshened that and then rolled the string in a towel.

we'll see how long it stays on land.

in a minute it will be time to get dressed and finish up the computer renovations. I had given some thought to installing XP Pro on my windows machine as well this week, but it doesn't look like I will get to that anytime soon. it has the home edition on it which is fine for my needs but I want to learn all the intricate vagaries of pro as well. but I might install Apache on it and see what configuring a windows server is like.

laundry tomorrow. I went six weeks in between laundry-doings! I'm not sure if I should be proud of that. I do own lots of socks and underwear, though, in case you were thinking I never changed them.

yesterday I hooked up my wacom tablet for the first time in a couple of years and relearned how to use it. not that I'm very good yet; the little abstract graphic below only looks like the lines were drawn smoothly thanks to a few well-chosen filters. but so here is what I did:


you know it really sucks that I basically lost about three or four years of my life--not to mention 10s of thousands of dollars--back when I could not talk myself into doing anything. these days there is so much I want to do that I can't keep up with my own aspirations. I remember sitting looking out the window for hours. nothing was interesting. I was fully funded as a student and all I could do was sit there. now I've taken out loans and taught and generally panicked about money every couple of months and there are a million things I wish I could be doing.

on the other hand being fully funded as a student did allow me absolute freedom in losing my mind. it could have been worse, I suppose.


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