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poison pen

gracious. so I took part of one rant and created a whole new one and edited the text for a couple of lefty tracts in the fashion of oh so many evangelical tracts that I've seen far too often for far too much of my life.

and I have to say that especially with the selective bolding and italicizing I can't decide whether to go ahead with them. I mean these are really over the top, but I haven't done a thing differently from, say, Jack Chick. in fact mine are tame compared to his; mine resemble more the text-only tracts you get from singing preachers in the street. except for a certain hilarity that might stem from this resemblance, they are utterly without humor, which also bugs me.

but I post them for your perusal; the links are to .pdf files for which I apologize but going through and re-italicizing everything in html for a post is just too tedious.

tell me what you think. pictures to be drawn and added later.

tract one
tract two

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