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santiago just ate a big old fly.

we won't be kissing anytime soon.

it's nice to have something that actually eats flies living with you. I always feel bad killing them but they annoy the hell out of me. this way I can just chalk up their demise to nature's way. jackson tries to chase flies but he lacks the killer instinct that makes them able to keep their paws on it long enough to get it to their mouths.

it is time to write. I'm working on a couple of sketches for my tract, for passages that I was unable to find an appropriate piece of clip art on the web. while looking over one site, I realized that with a little practice I could easily start producing clip art of my own. I wonder if anyone actually buys the random ones online. do businesses that use images go to regular image providers, or do they buy the "140,000 Images!" cds? or is there a chance that someone would pay to use something I drew? because this could easily become a little paying hobby then.

the funny thing is while searching I ran across a complaint from someone who was upset that some clip art sites seemed to consist of a "bunch of pictures all drawn by the same guy." I mean where do they think clip art comes from?

I can't think of anything with which to put off writing anymore. to work.

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