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sunday funnies

I am up early to do laundry.

that's right. laundry. in a minute I will get dressed, sort my laundry, and go down to the laundromat, hopefully before anyone else. it's a big laundromat but it still gets crowded but the nice thing about sunday morning in this very catholic neighborhood is that places tend not to fill up till after church. as a heathen of course I am allowed to do laundry on sunday mornings.

see I would have done laundry tomorrow at a normal time but I'm going instead to the Gwen Araujo trial in Hayward. if you don't remember, Gwen was a young transgendered woman who was murdered for being transgendered, and her attackers' first trial ended with a hung jury so this is the second one and apparently it is being under-attended. so I'm going to go do my bit with my friend Amy.

then tuesday it's back to work. after I do laundry today I don't know what I will do but it is my day off so I get to choose.

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