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my theory about the laundromat being less crowded early sunday morning was just shot all to hell. although I didn't have to wait for a machine, shortly after I put my wet laundry in to dry all the dryers were full. oddly I hadn't noticed a flood of washing being done around the same time as mine but when I got there the place was still moderately busy.

the next thing to try is to go there really really late or really really early--they are open 24 hours and the prices go down after midnight. if I ever manage to get myself up at that fabled hour of 5am I might try going straight to the laundromat at dawn.

probably be busy.

this is what happens when you stack 800,000 people in a city of only 49 square miles. there isn't anything you can do or anyplace you can go that 100 people haven't decided to do or go at the very same time.

of course when you don't do laundry for seven weeks everything is dirty including a couple of changes of bedding and without the cart it does take some effort to march all of it the block and a half to the laundromat. now I am all hot and sweaty and tired and must sit here for a bit before putting everything away. on the bright side I did haul home a bunch of wet shirts to hang up in the middle of the process so there was less to carry back when I was done.

but so it is 11am and my laundry is done. how many of you can say that?

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