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I'm too tired to give the full day's report on the Gwen Araujo murder trial, but until I can get some sleep for my muddled thoughts I'll just say it is very very interesting to sit in on a high-stakes trial. so interesting that I'd really like to go back tomorrow, especially since one of the defendants took the stand at the end of the day and his own attorney had not finished questioning him by the time court had to recess until tomorrow. I really want to see what sort of cross-examination he will get, and of course I want to see how the whole thing will turn out.

but I have work of my own to do.

if you are of the queer positive bent and you are in the bay area, I highly urge you to take a day to go to this trial and sit in support of Gwen's family and the prosecution in general. there were a few people there from the "community" besides my friend Amy and I, but not many. since it is a retrial, I think attention spans have been taxed, so it seems more difficult this time through to make it clear how important this case is.

there is more info at the Justice for Gwen Aruajo blog and at the CUAV website, or you can simply google her name.

me I'm going to bed.

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