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dessert first

Santiago likes Cougar Mountain Molasses-Ginger cookies.

of course to find this out I had to offer him some. I tend to raise spoiled cats. ask lisagail. Santiago is pretty well-behaved when it comes to food though so I'm not really reinforcing any bad conduct. just sharing dessert.

Jackson won't eat people food. really the only food he likes is dry Hill's C/D or the kitten chow they make. I think I've told the story of how he was losing weight and I was really concerned about kidney and thyroid problems and then Flippy moved out so I was able to go back to dry food with him and he ate like I had been starving him for a year.

he actually hates the canned food Flippy had to eat so much he won't eat enough to maintain his weight. I had no idea. I saw him eat. I didn't realize he rarely went back for more. poor little guy. he's a healthy 13 pounds now.

I'm trying to decide whether to write today or go over to Berkeley and submit some more insurance claims. given my bank balance, the latter would be more prudent and I've written some 8 pages in the last couple of days so feel a break would not be entirely undeserved. the specter of a BART ride is somewhat nauseating though. even with the molasses-ginger cookie on board.

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