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to go. or not.

I just received in the mail an invite to my 25th high school reunion (they're holding it one year late cuz I guess no one was on the ball last year). both the class of 1979 and 1980 will be all mixed up together for some reason and I am quite stuck on whether or not to go.

on the one hand there are a few people I'd really like to see, but I have no way of knowing if they are even going to be there, as I do not know where they are. however I have noted that they are not on the "lost alumni" list, so someone knows where they are.

on the other hand it's the deep south and if I go I will basically be throwing the closet door wide open to all comers. I mean I'm about as out as I can be, but I live in CA where such things are usually easy and relatively safe.

and there's the whole being back in Georgia thing that I haven't done for years and there's the how to get there and whether to stay in the same hotel as everyone else and and and.

I kind of want to go. I suppose it could be my last chance to hook up with old friends and try to freak them out.

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