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whoa there pardner

my advisor who is never wrong thinks I should try and track down my old friends before signing up for the reunion. I imagine this is a good idea considering I can't guarantee myself they'd be happy to see me. I mean we were a bunch of drug snorting rebellious artsy types but it's amazing how conservative some of those turn out to be.

I've found one person's name in a likely place, with phone number and email. naturally the email bounced and I am afraid to pick up the phone and ask are you Joe? so I will keep looking for more current info. the internet is supposed to be able to help you to find people but it's one web skill I have not yet perfected. where does one look? and what does one do if one refuses to use the phone?

I could re-up my membership but it didn't help before. perhaps I should go and check to see if any of my buddies have signed on this year.

in the meantime I am trying to think of things to do for money. the chair isn't selling (again. does no one want a real office chair for half its retail price?) and the insurance claims are not rolling in. I could try selling some other things I suppose. I have a suitcase full of clothes. do people actually buy clothes on ebay?

how about art? would you buy this if you were a buyer of art? what would you pay for it?

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