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i really really want to take the day off and yet there is french to study and stein to read but this is the last week of classes so as far as the seminar and my independent study go they are almost over and i can fairly taste vacation even though i will continue working even when it is no longer necessary actually to travel to campus.

back when i had a real job i could barely get myself to work 30 hours a week in fact as some of you know once i worked more than 30 hours i would just get surlier and surlier and this style seems to have invaded my academic life although i don't really get surly so much as simply burnt.

i think i would have been suited for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle where they say we once spent far less of our day in the pursuit of means of life. they do say that don't they or did i imagine it?

i really need new slippers. or slippers to begin with as my house shoes consist of sandals and socks and now that it is getting chilly the tops of my feet are cold so i need a slipper that will cover them up. that and there were a couple of sweaters i thought about buying before i lost heart and put everything back and left the store. sometimes shopping is like that: you find what you thought you wanted and then you don't want it badly enough to go through with the purchase and then when you get home you wished you'd had the stamina to see the transaction through. see there was this black sweater with a red stripe and i wasn't sure about the stripe but now i think i liked it. it was on sale too. i wonder if it still is.

maybe there aren't that many pages of stein to read. maybe i could read it all tomorrow morning before class. maybe i should check.

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