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ian mcculloch has the same damn hair.

even so or perhaps partially due to that i kept having little epiphanies to the bunnymen's tunes and now i am waiting for the backlash from the little fascists in my head who don't like it when we have epiphanies. maybe i will go quickly to bed before they think of anything to say.

the furs were ok. i touched richard butler which was thrilling as always. john ashton wears a hat on stage now and tim butler still wears shades. i once considered wearing shades on stage to add to my stupifying mystique but never did because it was hard enough to see what i was doing without them.

the furs were ok. the bunnymen though sort of blew me away and as i am old and wise now and not easy to blow away they must have been really good.

maybe i will be able to come up with some suitable adjectives with coffee in the morning.

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