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I have to say that not wearing the deodorant does mean I have to shower more often. not sure how I feel about that. but it is true that not having any on feels better. I'm not sure why--perhaps nothing slimy and sticky underneath my arms? and it always kind of vaguely itches too.

I have to finish a poem today. I was invited to read a piece at the Atomic Poetry Reading in Berkeley in October and I can get it printed in the booklet they are making if it is in to Lyn by Sunday. so really I have a few days to finish it but I am having a hard time coming up with something I like. the reading falls under the rubric of The Arts and the Atomic Bomb. unfortunately I don't have any strong associations with the atomic bomb, having been born after 1945 and the same year as the Cuban Missile Crisis. I am just a minute too young to really appreciate the radical change in weaponry; the bomb has been a part of my world just like AIDS has been a part of the world of most of the people writing LiveJournals.

I think I have to say something about duck and cover. we were still doing that in elementary school. by high school I think we had realized that if the Russians targeted Dobbins Air Force Base we were toast whether we dove under our desks or not.

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