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I slept in till 9! wo0t.

I still don't know how I'm paying the rent.

I have to finish my syllabus today. yesterday I speed-read a bunch of Judith's stuff. did you know it is possible to speed-read Judith Butler? I had no idea. she offers an interesting defense of her style in one of her later writings: that re-envisioning possibilities might require language that is out-of-the-ordinary. I agree, although I don't know that the metonymy I have in mind is exactly what she is doing.

Jackson had a sneezing fit last night that woke us all up but he is still eating so I'm not too worried yet. if this doesn't pass in a couple more days I will take him in.

doing all this reading to make up my syllabus is making me want to rewrite everything I've done so far in my dissertation. this would not be a good idea.

the deodorant-less experiment continues to proceed well. I still seem to be able to go with showering every other day but it is imperative that I shower that second day.

it occurred to me yesterday that not everyone tries to learn unix, php, apache, sql, xml, illustrator, photoshop, dreamweaver, flash and filemaker all at the same time and that all this is also rarely done at the same time as writing a dissertation and that probably there is not time to learn music theory and how to play bass and guitar properly as well. I really wish learning did not take so much time. I want to look at the book and have it. see why I want those years spent looking out the window back? and the full funding. I want that too.

no real inspiration for the poem yet. I should just start writing and see if anything comes out. I do have work though. which should I do first.

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