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fill er up

I just went to the grocery store while very very hungry and now have enough food to last till the end of the bush regime.

ok maybe not that much. a lot though and I just discovered that very very hungry for me now means one cookie and one half a sandwich and I am full. what the hell is happening to me? yeah it was a big cookie but still.

I've been skimming all sorts of ponderous texts today trying to put my syllabus together. I still don't know the meaning of this phrase: "email me your reader." but I'm putting together my reader anyway or that is I am gathering the volumes and writing down the page numbers.

I need money in a bad way. no one wants this damned chair and it's the only thing I've got that I want to sell. I'm not sure what to do next. insurance claims have been in for two weeks now but of course that means nothing. it could easily be september before I see any of that money. what good does it do them to rush it to me? fsck.

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