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ok so besides the chair which has become the bane of my existence I am also now selling a bunch of reproductions of my own drawings on ebay. I have no idea if anyone ever sells any art on ebay and whether it can possibly go for enough to pay back the listing fees but I'm kind of desperate.

I will say that these prints look really really nice with good dark blacks and fine pencil-ly detail just as they come off my ink jet printer but I still don't know if I am allowed to ask as much for them as I am. but hey. if no one wants to pay the asking price the bidding starts at 99¢ with no reserve.

am also advertising my english language skills on craigslist.

I do not know what else I can do. I could walk dogs but I'm not sure I could charge enough to make it worth the time spent getting from one corner of the city to the next.

sure hope I get a bite.

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