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off to campus today. I may have found a way to get paid as a GSR this month if I can figure out what suddenly went wrong in one of our php-fueled websites. I know some php but I don't know all about it but I can learn more I guess! also will hopefully meet someone to talk about server software and getting the pedagogy website running. I would like some money there too but we all have been working without pay since last september so I don't feel like I can complain. I mean I could complain but then we should all complain.

I wonder if I can talk everyone into complaining. I think everyone on the pedagogy workgroup committee thing should be paid GSR salary this year if we keep working. we each got $500 last year and that was it. labors of love are sweet but time is becoming more and more valuable as it speeds away going faster each day.

I need also to finish my syllabus which means I should haul a couple of books with me. I finally found out that what they need from me in regard to my reader is a list of what I want to photocopy. then they go and get copyright permission from the publishers. and then I run off a master of everything that was approved and then they run off the readers for me. it all makes sense now.

thank you daisydumont for bidding on a drawing! if I could just catch the eye of a few more.

Santiago sleeps on my lap. how am I to get going.

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