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audience review

it was really weird. balding men and middle aged looking women wearing blue and i mean blue jeans with knit tops and i wondered what has happened to us in twenty years. there were a few youngsters there and then of course me of indeterminate age watching everybody else as i usually do.

one woman 'told' on the people who were trying to smoke. she went and got a security person and pointed in the direction in which she had seen a plume of smoke. good grief.

another woman came from nowhere after the crowd was already pretty thick and stood right in front of me and then proceeded to scold the couple in front of her for being taller than she was and having the audacity to have been there long before she installed herself behind them. good grief.

nobody tried to slam dance for which i was somewhat sad. 'slam dancing' is what people did a few years before they started forming mosh pits. the main difference was that if you fell down slam dancing the other slam dancers would courteously avoid stepping on you and might even help you up. i guess balding men and middle aged looking women in blue jeans and knit shirts don't slam dance.

some big guy behind me kept crowding me and elbowing me in the back and literally breathing down my neck. had the band been onstage at this point i would have completely passed it over but this was before anything started. for chrissakes think of those you might be annoying with your inattention to what your body is doing!

towards the end i drifted toward the back taking the opportunity to use the restroom when there was no line and i wouldn't feel awkward waiting for a stall. i was also poised to scoot out as soon as i was sure the encores were over so that i could catch a bus right away and not get caught in the huge human traffic jam that results from the fillmore's holding many many people and having only one exit door. but as i was saying i was back in the back and people were bopping around back there which doesn't always happen so after i took a whiz i was able to bop around a little before leaving. bop bop bop.

some drunk guy was doing the wavy hands dance. you know, where someone waves their hands in the air above their heads and in front of their body and gyrates slowly with their eyes closed as though they are on their own personal lsd trip in their living room. i tried to ignore him as the slow melodrama of his soulful dance was detracting from my slam dancing mood. really i wanted to barrel into him but i restrained myself.

i did wonder though why all those people were there. i mean most of them looked too well adjusted to still be listening to angsty post punk but maybe it is all just a front so they can function and keep their jobs.

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