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geek out. installed Tomcat, a java servlet container (whatever the fuck that means), and blojsom, which is the project upon which OS X Server bases their blog server. after reading instructions that don't correspond to the reality of what is downloadable, I finally hit upon the right combination of guesses that made everything work. wooo.

too tired to configure anything but feeling triumphant nonetheless. I guess it probably never ends, the downloading and installing and configuring of software you don't begin to understand. see now I want to learn about Java Servlet Pages but I haven't even mastered php yet. that and the days are beginning to go by really really quickly. more quickly than ever before. having reached the other side of 40 I am beginning to realize that there are more things in the world that I want to learn than I will ever have time to learn, especially since modern life places acquiring capital at a higher priority than learning things and I have to do at least a little of the capital acquiring in order to live.

on the other hand I seem to have managed to make learning and capital acquiring go together, even if only in a pretend sort of way.

I've noticed also that learning hurts more. it's like part of me has had enough and wants to sit back and use what I've learned thus far while the other part of me is no no no we don't know enough yet. when I die of course this little ball of cognition will vanish and that will be that but for some reason that just makes me want to cram in even more just so the absurdity of it all can reach the heights of extravagance.

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