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so after "configuring" blojsom it of course refused to load or refused to recognize itself or something so I tried a number of ways to tell it where to look but it still refused and given that I had to do some kind of weird stuff to get tomcat to see it at all I figured it was just broken so did the bright thing and googled "install blojsom os x tiger" to find out that all I need to do is install darwinports which I was going to do eventually anyway and then install everything through that.

yeah that might be the most boring sentence ever written on lj although I suspect there are some bigger geeks than me who do things like swap favorite shell scripts which I have not yet learned to write aren't you glad.

but so now I am sitting here watching words go by on two terminal windows because I am also installing some x windows games through fink because the book I've been reading told me to. I'm not that much of a computer gamer--it seems I always have other things I'd rather be doing--but I thought I'd do this just to see how fink does what it does and so far I can say that it does things very slowly. I mean when you are used to clicking "install" and watching a progress bar for at most five minutes it seems slow to still be sitting here twenty minutes later.

oh look one of them stopped. ok I have to go get my hands dirty.

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