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so I'm trying to finish this friggin "fink install gnome-games" just because it installed all day yesterday and it seems a shame to abandon the project at this point, not to mention that I would have to go back and remove the jillions of things it's already installed but now it is making me ask fink to build each individual package that goes into this collection of which there are about forty left. it is supposed to build all of them automatically in the order that it needs them but it seems to be having trouble doing this on its own.

this means nothing and is not important but I just thought I'd look at my options for a day spent waiting for software to install because it looks like today is going to be much of the same. tomorrow it is back to the dissertation; today I suppose the smart thing to do would be to fiddle with the templates for blojsom and see how flexible it is layout wise and then test out a few other things with it to see if it will do. I have no idea how OS X Server has implemented it, so this is all conjectural at best but so far it looks pretty good. I suppose I could try to milk the Apple site for details but it seems that all they care about is that they have set it up so that you can start a blog "just by checking a box." well we need to be able to do more than check boxes.

that walk I took last night was immensely helpful. each time I get up and make myself move after a day spent at the keyboard it makes me feel so much better that it surprises me each and every time. in fact I seem so bad at remembering how much better it makes me feel that it is very easy not to get up and go, thinking eh it won't make that much difference. note to self: it makes a difference.

I mean I didn't come home all jaunty and singing along to the ipod like I do if I walk in the mornings, but it does help the way the evening usually settles in, bored and miffed at the futility of it all. one reason I started going to bed so early was that it cut all that short, but the body and brain seem to have adjusted and now it begins around 1pm instead of 4. I'm not sure how to outsmart it next. I could go to bed in the mornings and stay up all night I suppose. that could have a deleterious effect on teaching though.

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