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of the six things I am selling on ebay one has a bid (thanks daisydumont!) and the chair has six people watching. I wonder if they are going to stage a bid war at the last second. that could be fun to watch.

I've decided that artists need their own ebay--an artbay if you will. if I had time and money I would set it up myself. as is I have too many ideas for my own good but if I were a little more shrewd I would know how to make money off their simple having occurred to me. where does one go with ideas? to people with money, right? I don't know anyone like that. how would I go about finding backing and talent for something like this? I know. ten years ago I could have simply stuck my head out the window and asked.

I also think there should be something similar for independent musicians although there I think something more along the lines of shareware would work better: encourage people to pay for their mp3s by sticking some sort of audible watermark on unpurchased tracks--but the money would go straight to the artist without any middleman. I mean I'd be the one running the site, and maybe I'd collect a small fee from sales, but overall this would be more of a charity project than anything.

I'd need to learn php and mysql really quickly. too bad about that dissertation.

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