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man. I bet I could go to bed now and sleep till morning. so sleepy! I find it amazing sometimes just how much my body likes to sleep.

I forgot to mention that I need also to catch up on Cascading Style Sheets really quickly too. I know them to a brief extent but the whole box concept was never explained to me very well and so I have problems getting box elements to look the way I want them to so I'm starting from the very beginning. CSS is of course how most blogs are customizable so no matter which one we use I'm going to be in charge of the CSS for it.

I hope everyone likes blue.

have I mentioned how cool and handy is? what I didn't realize until very recently is that UCB has a campus-wide subscription. but I still pay for my own little one because the UCB one does not include recent books on specific non-unix applications. either way it rocks. I may never buy another computer book.

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